Pond and Dam Liners

Water dams and ponds are a major form of water storage in South African rural and bush communities and farms. While dam liners are practical and effective solutions they unfortunately lose a lot of water through evaporation and seepage.

Dam and pond liners are an effective solution to prevent seepage. Because they are made from a manufactured material, the thickness of the liner is consistent over the whole dam floor so you can be sure that it is effective in ensuring that your precious water is not lost or wasted through seepage.

Dam Liner Material

The type and thickness of material in dam liners varies. The main determinants of the type of material to be used are:

Size of the dam or pond,

Exposure to UV,

Required dam liner life,

Preparation and nature of the base of the dam,

Available budget for the dam liner,

Dam and Pond Liner Installation.

The installation of the dam or pond liner is just an important as the manufacture of it. The key steps in the installation of a dam or pond liner are:

Planning and discussion with the team,

Site preparation including anchor trenches if they are being installed,

Installation of the protective material layer,

Installation of the dam liner including on site fabrication if required,

Finish of site including anchor trenches and any fencing requirements (for example if cattle will be near the dam or pond).

Dam and Pond Liner Prices

No two dam liners are the same. So contact our team for a quote today.